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Interview with Premier Surface Systems

Meet Premier Surface Systems, an innovative solution for all your surface repairs, and our multifamily supplier of the month.

This August, our team at PrintWithMe is proud to present a spotlight interview with our multifamily supplier of the month: Premier Surface Systems.

According to, the average maintenance expenses for each unit sit between 1.5 to 2 times the monthly rental, and we have yet to account in the cost of time spent on coordinating the repairs with in-hour and external contractors; the work adds up, and the cost skyrockets.

Premier Surface Systems wants to make repairing surface wear and tear simple, quick, cost-effective, and environmental-friendly for property managers. They offer concrete and asphalt polymer-resin repair materials used to resurface, refinish, or fill a wide variety of hard surfaces such as pavements, parking lots, broken curbs, crumbling steps.

The company was founded only a year ago, in 2019, but it has a solid case study that proves the effectiveness of its products, using an improved technology that was invented by the Germans over a decade ago.

“Our tagline is engineering solutions that last.” – Dago Barrios, Co-founder of Premier Surface Systems.

“Research and Development are one of our greatest assets. We want to come up with solutions and partner with property management companies to provide them the solutions that are permanent, that create value and are the greatest return on investment,” said Barrios.

Premier Surface Systems repairs surface damages in a matter of minutes.

The usual procedure of getting a surface repaired on properties can be strenuous – from reporting and inspecting the damage to engaging the maintenance department to potentially outsourcing the project to an external contractor, the process can take days or even weeks before they are completed.

With the Premier Road and Bridge Solution, repairs are instant. Once the solution is applied by any maintenance staff available on-site, it takes only about 4 minutes to cure before the surface is restored.

“Property managers don't need to call a contractor to fix those utility cards. They can do it in house,” said Barrios.

He continued by explaining how easy the application process is. “My wife has done pothole repairs because it's so easy.”

The solution can also be applied in difficult weather conditions including snow and rain, making it a convenient solution for any same-day repair while successfully minimizing the disruption to the residents as well as to the surroundings.

A long-term solution that saves your property time and money.

Traditional repairs or replacement of concrete are not only time-consuming and extremely disruptive, but they are also expensive.

“In a case of salt damage to concrete steps, the property will have to jackhammer the concrete, bring in a concrete truck, replace the concrete, and then wait for the concrete to cure for three to four days and can cost up to $6,000, and that’s before we even consider the cost of labor,” said Barrios.

For example, the repair for the concrete steps shown in the picture below would have cost at least $4,000 and a week. Instead, the property adopted the Premier Surface Systems solution and ended up costing only $1,200. The project was fully completed and the steps were restored in under an hour.

Because the material Premier Surface Systems uses isn’t cement, their product is extremely durable with excellent resistance to chemicals and corrosion which reduces the chances of future damages and eliminates the cost involved in temporary and recurring repairs.

“During our demos, we take a sledgehammer and swing it to the repair, and the hammer bounces back,” said Dago. “When property managers see that they’re immediately sold on the product.”

Dago said that they recommend property managers to keep a bucket or two of their solutions on hand to tackle any surface repairs as soon as they arise.

Reducing carbon footprint by repairing, not replacing.

Instead of breaking down and rebuilding concrete, Premier Surface Systems encourages properties to repair, refinish, and renew surfaces. That is because the process of replacing concrete involves resources, creates unnecessary wastes, and contributes to a huge amount of carbon footprint.

“By removing concrete, you create a footprint and by pouring concrete, you're creating a footprint. So, instead of using two to three cubic yards of concrete, you can use a little as a gallon of our product to fix the surface,” said Barrios–and this is without factoring in the resources it takes to manufacture cement and the logistics and transportation that are also generating footprints.

The durability of repairing surface damages using their solutions also reduces future repairs that could also take a toll on the environment.

While this is a technology that had existed for decades, its innovative use of applications and benefits remains fairly new to the market.

“We're introducing something new, something different, and many people don't yet know about this technology,” Barrios said.

When asked about their approach, Premier Surface Systems is eager to be part of the educational journey to introduce this technology to its clients.

If you or your property are interested in setting up a demo, send in an inquiry on their website and learn more about their time-saving, cost-effective, and earth-friendly solutions!

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